Southwestern Lodge No. 40 in Odd Fellows Rest

Located in Odd Fellows Rest, the Southwestern Lodge No. 40 tomb commands attention due to its size, but it is most notable for the beautiful low-relief marble tablets and urns that are located on all four sides. Despite the inlaid tile with “Southwestern Lodge No. 40” in front of the tomb, it was probably built by the Teutonia Lodge No. 10, for words carved on the tomb itself proclaim in German, “Freundschaft Liebe und Wahrheit,” Friendship, Love and Truth.

Above this proclamation hangs a tablet with a gorgeous relief sculpture of a woman suckling an infant and comforting a child. These figures are surrounded by acanthus leaf curls that blossom with symbols of the International Order of Odd Fellows: the “Eye of Providence,” also adopted for the United States seal, stares out from the top of the tablet; moving counterclockwise from the eye we find, among other symbols, a skull and crossbones, a beehive, a dove, three crossed arrows, two crossed keys, a globe, a winged hourglass (tempus fugit), a book, and a sun.