Action Report: Open Graves Found At Second Cemetery

A video report from WWL-TV’s Bill Capo about SOC’s “Open Tombs” project and our efforts to close 16+ open tombs at the Valence Street Cemetery. SOC’s Director, Amanda Walker, was interviewed for the segment. Give it a watch!

Action Report: Open graves found at second cemetery (WWL-TV video) [Click to Open]  Click on image to play video

Donations of any amount are always helpful and greatly appreciated. Contributions to the “Open Tombs” project can be made by sending a check to Save Our Cemeteries at: 501 Basin Street, Suite 3C, New Orleans LA 70112. They can be also made online at the following link:

The Valence Street Cemetery opened in 1867 in what was the city of Jefferson, a suburb of New Orleans.

Airdate: 7/22/15