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Request for Proposals: Alaux Tomb, St. Louis Cemetery   No. 1

Alaux Tomb RFP Document for SOC





2018 Cemetery Clean-Ups and Volunteer Projects: 

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Karstendiek Tomb – Restoration work is complete. We will be covering the dirt surrounding the tomb with mulch, and place two urns to flank the tomb’s “door”. SOC will repaint the tomb every three years to prevent rusting.

 St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

Trudeau family tomb – A Scope of Work is being created. This tomb will be worked on after the Alaux tomb is restored.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 2

SOC will be restoring three tombs in Square No. 1, in partnership with the Master Crafts Guild. The Restoration Committee is in the process of choosing the three tombs to be repaired.

Holt Cemetery 

Save Our Cemeteries completed a cleaning of 22 military headstones and picked up trash in the cemetery in April.

SOC is finishing the design work on six signs to place throughout the cemetery and on the side of the sexton’s cottage. These signs will educate visitors on the history of Holt, burial customs, and notable characters and veterans buried in the cemetery. To participate in future activities at Holt, please email jhotard@saveourcemeteries.org.

Carrollton Cemetery No. 1

A master mason is working with our new Restoration and Volunteer Coordinator, Juliette Hotard, on closing open vaults, repairing several copings, and repairing brickwork on a German society tomb.

Valence Cemetery No. 1

Save Our Cemeteries completed a clean-up, vegetation removal and tomb washing with college group on March 18, 2018.

Lafayette No. 2 & St. Joseph Cemeteries

SOC completed a clean-up, vegetation removal and tomb washing with a large convention group earlier this year.

Past Restoration Projects:

  • The Karstendiek Tomb, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1



The Karstendiek tomb restoration project is complete! Save Our Cemeteries contracted Irish Channel Iron Works to begin the work on the tomb approximately one year ago. We are so excited to see how far it’s come and how beautiful the tomb now looks!

Although it is one of many unique tombs that occupy Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in Uptown New Orleans, the Karstendeik tomb is a particular treasure because it is the only cast iron tomb in Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, and one of only 16 in all of Orleans Parish. The tomb is also popularly known as the “Vampire Lestat Tomb” because of its striking resemblance to the tomb prop featured in the film adaption of famed author Anne Rice’s novel Interview with the Vampire.

  • Read about some of our past volunteer projects here:

Lafayette Cemetery No. 2
Lafayette Cemetery No. 1
St. Louis Cemetery No. 1
Holt Cemetery

  • Other Projects:

Save Our Cemeteries is continuing its “Open Tombs Project” to repair and close breached and vandalism tombs/vaults in city-owned cemeteries. (Read more about the project here…)

For individuals or organizations who would like to make a financial contribution to the “Open Tombs” project, please contact Save Our Cemeteries at 504-525-3377 or email jhotard@saveourcemeteries.org.

To find out about our current restoration projects, to learn about the correct way to restore your tomb, or to find out more about restoration activities in the historic cemeteries of New Orleans, please contact Save Our Cemeteries, at soc@saveourcemeteries.org or email Juliette Hotard, Restoration & Volunteer Coordinator, at jhotard@saveourcemeteries.org.