I see tombs in danger of collapsing. Why aren’t you doing anything about it?

Save Our Cemeteries does not own or operate any of the cemeteries in New Orleans. It’s a bit of a complicated issue. Restoration and preservation work in cemeteries frequently poses problems dealing with such things as tomb ownership and other legal issues. We are constantly seeking funding and grants to perform tomb restorations, it’s a huge job to do. We are actively trying to save every tomb that we can. SOC has completed millions of dollars worth of capital improvements in the cemeteries over the years.

How can I get my family tomb restored?

Bayou Preservation LLC specializes in the hands-on conservation of historic and artistic works. Based in New Orleans, they carefully restore historic tombs and mausoleums, sculptures, objects, and architectural elements, and also perform materials analysis for historic buildings. You can contact Bayou Preservation LLC at (214) 668-5604 or through their website bayoupreservationllc.com.