Research & Genealogy in New Orleans

There are 42 historic cemeteries in New Orleans, and each cemetery owner/operator has it’s own rules about record keeping. Here’s a few places to get started on doing historical and genealogical research.

For City-owned Cemeteries

  • (Lafayette #1 & #2, Carrollton, St. Mary, Holt, Valence)
    The City of New Orleans cemetery office, part of the division of Property Management, can be reached at 504-658-3781. They hold, or have access to, all of the burial records for each City-owned cemetery. They are responsible for grass-cutting and maintenance in the City-owned cemeteries, and can also provide information on permits, including what is required to be buried in City-owned cemeteries.
  • (Lafayette Cemetery #1 only)
    A thoroughly researched website at created by Fred Hatfield presents “an inventory and cross-index to plaques and tombs.” Searches can be done for surnames, dates of death, military reference, or lot sequence.

For Archdiocese-owned Cemeteries

  • (St. Louis #1, #2 & #3, St. Patrick #1, #2 & #3, St. Joseph #1 & #2, St. Roch #1 & #2, St. Vincent #1 & #2)
    The Archdiocese of New Orleans Cemetery office can be reached at 504-596-3050. They are responsible for burials, maintenance, and Perpetual Care in the Archdiocese-owned cemeteries.
  • (St. Louis #1, #2 & #3, St. Patrick #1, #2 & #3, St. Joseph #1 & #2, St. Roch #1 & #2, St. Vincent #1 & #2)
    The Archdiocese of New Orleans Genealogy office can be reached only by email or regular mail. They can assist with burial records and genealogy research in the Archdiocese-owned cemeteries.
  • (St. Louis Cemetery #1 only)
    A St. Louis Cemetery #1 Survey was completed in 2002-2003 by the University of Pennsylvania. The search function can be used for surname, HNOC record number, or Archdiocese record number. The search results are tied to a map, with an image of each tomb.

    The DeadSpace Project website includes a plethora of resource information about St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, such as: tomb & marker surveys, information on maintenance, restoration and repair guidelines for tombs, photos of tombs, maps, a list of the cemeteries most significant inhabitants, virtual 3d tours and even a downloadable coloring book for the kids.

    More info:

  • (St. Louis Cemetery #2 only)
    In 2010-2011, Dalton Wolverton and other volunteers conducted a tablet survey of St. Louis Cemetery #2. For assistance and access to the survey, please contact the SOC office at 504-525-3377.

For FCBA Cemeteries
(Greenwood & Cypress Grove Cemeteries)
The Fireman’s Charitable & Benevolent Society cemetery office can be reached at 504-482-8983. They have a great search function on their website at that can search by surname or first name.

For SCI/Dignity Memorial Cemeteries
(Lake Lawn Metairie, Mt. Olivet, and St. Vincent de Paul #1, #2, & #3)
The Lake Lawn Metairie Cemetery office can be reached at 504-486-6331.

For other New Orleans cemetery research